A Great Place to Work

Heart of Georgia Mega Site is ideal for large-scale warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities, with a workforce of over 450,000 within 60 miles.

With a location in the heart of the state, Heart of Georgia Mega Site benefits from a significant labor force population. Over 450,000 workers live within a 60-mile radius of the Park. The extensive workforce ensures a steady supply of skilled workers in a region known for affordable wages and low cost of living. While the Georgia average wage is $64,200 and the national average wage is $68,838, the average wage for the 60-mile radius of Heart of Georgia Mega Site is $48,215. Complementing the affordable wages is a cost of living 13.3% lower than the national average.

Weyerhaeuser goes beyond this basic demographic information. Partnering with VisionFirst Advisors, we analyze in-depth data, including “What-If” analyses, to provide meaningful, successful strategies to prospective businesses and industries.

The State of Georgia is committed to workforce development with an extensive offering of programs to enhance opportunities for employees and employers. For a complete list of competitive advantages, visit Georgia USA.

Workforce Strategy

Recognizing that a skilled workforce is the foundation for a successful community, the Dublin-Lauren County Development Authority worked with Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia to develop a Workforce Development Strategy. This strategy is a direct result of interviews, meeting and focus groups. Learn how the Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority is working with area industries and educators to build a top-quality workforce here.

Workforce Training

Georgia boasts the number-one workforce training program in the country, Quick Start. The Quick Start program develops customized workforce solutions for companies investing in Georgia. A variety of training programs are provided to increase efficiencies and job performance. Qualified companies receive services free-of-charge.

Workforce Programs

Operation: Workforce serves as an online one-stop for veteran resources and services in Georgia. Veterans and potential employers are able to utilize these resources to transition military occupational classifications into civilian occupations that best align with their skillset and training.

Trade Five is a workforce initiative that shows Georgians the benefits and opportunities of careers in the skilled trade of five industries: construction, energy, logistics, manufacturing and telecommunications. By helping Georgians learn more about these trade jobs and how to launch and grow a career as a tradesperson, Trade Five helps people and companies.

Workforce Preparation

To ensure local residents are ready to meet the challenges of today’s innovative companies, local K-12 schools, colleges and universities have a strong focus on the skills that are in demand. At the K-12 level, the Laurens County School District offers a wide variety of vocational training programs, preparing students for roles in today’s workforce.

Less than eight miles away from Heart of Georgia Mega Site is Oconee Fall Line Technical College, a workforce training partner providing business and industrial programs to support the Park’s skill needs. Programs include administration, robotics, business technology, computer information systems and process control management. Middle Georgia State University also has a campus in Dublin. Both colleges offer flexible schedules, affordable classes and life-long learning opportunities to support the Dublin-Laurens County area and beyond.

Beyond the Dublin area, Georgia offers an abundance of post-secondary education opportunities. Many of the programs offered in these institutions have been designed to meet the specific needs of today’s workforce, among them advanced manufacturing, welding, automation and production technology, pneumatics and motors, engineering technology, agriculture, food and resource economics, supply chain management, logistics, transportation, forestry and food sciences.

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