The Right Incentives

With exceptional economic incentives from the number-one state for business, Heart of Georgia Mega Site is the right place for opportunity.

Heart of Georgia Mega Site benefits from being in the number-one state in the U.S. for business, recognized by Site Selection. Georgia is a business-friendly state with a pro-business tax structure and an extensive list of programs to reward companies that create local jobs. Our team will help you develop a program of financing and economic development incentives to ensure the most of your investment.

Opportunities currently available to qualifying companies include:

Job Creation Tax Credits

With Heart of Georgia Mega Site having Tier 1 status, companies creating new net jobs receive a $4,000 tax credit per job for five years. Any remaining credits may be used against Georgia payroll withholding tax liability.

Sales and Use Tax Exemption

Georgia helps companies lower their cost of doing business by offering the ability to purchase various types of goods and services tax-free.

Property Tax Abatement

Manufacturers, distributors and certain other qualifying businesses may be offered exemptions from local property taxes for a negotiated time period based on the company’s commitment to the community in the form of new jobs and capital investment.

Industrial Revenue Bonds

For qualifying projects and companies that obtain external letters of credit for collateral, Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority can assist by serving as a conduit for low-interest Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs).

Laurens County Closing Fund

Qualifying projects are eligible for grant funds that may be used for eligible expenditures including real property improvements and other expenditures allowed under Georgia law.

Other Tax Credits and Exemptions

Additional potential tax credits include port tax credit, mega-project tax credit, investment tax credits, new technology credits and R&D tax credits. Georgia USA provides a complete list of credits and exemptions available.

Center for Innovation

This international trade benefit offers free export services including market intelligence, key in-country contacts and cost-effective opportunities to diversify and grow.